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Kadan Hassan comes from a legal background and is a qualified family mediator who’s highly experienced of resolving conflict for over 9 years. She has experience dealing with complex cases involving sensitive issues. She aims to help client’s find the best solution possible, without fear of unfairness or imbalance. Her passion for cooperation that preserves mental and emotional well-being expresses itself through her work.

If you are seeking a cooperative process during a divorce or separation, let the Divorce Mediation Service provide guidance. Contact us for more information.

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Children Dispute & Children Arrangement


Divorce or separation is worse for children compared to parents and avoiding parental alienation is always the parents’ responsibility. Child arrangement is perhaps the most contested element of any divorce proceeding, as well it should be—it decides how parents will raise their child. A child arrangement agreement, for better or worse, helps determine a child’s emotional health and well-being for the rest of his or her life.

Most adults have the experience to realize that even when they make mistakes, they will likely be able to recover and move on. Most divorcing adults also recognize they will soon regain control of their lives.

Children in divorce or separation, on the other hand, seldom have the wisdom to see beyond what is happening to them. Moreover, they recognize they have little or no control over the process. To children in divorce or separation, the only family they have ever known is disintegrating. Their primary source of safety and protection is slipping away. In divorce, probably more than at any other time, children need parents who can comfort and reassure them, who can let them know they are loved, and who will emphasize that both parents will be there for them.

The Divorce Mediation Service takes child arrangement very seriously, so we prioritize the child’s emotional health in every case. We know the deep emotional needs a family has. Our highly-skilled family Mediator provide creative solutions that can build something new and beneficial out of your current family situation.

When we work with clients on child agreements, we fight for the benefit of the child and the family as a whole. Our aim is to create an agreement that is good for all parties involved—for the children and both the parents. We recognize that the ideal situation includes both parents. Whenever possible, we create equitable solutions that allow both parents to work cooperatively for the sake of their child. 


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