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Kadan Hassan comes from a legal background and is a qualified family mediator who’s highly experienced of resolving conflict for over 9 years. She has experience dealing with complex cases involving sensitive issues. She aims to help client’s find the best solution possible, without fear of unfairness or imbalance. Her passion for cooperation that preserves mental and emotional well-being expresses itself through her work.

If you are seeking a cooperative process during a divorce or separation, let the Divorce Mediation Service provide guidance. Contact us for more information.

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Costs & Payments

List of Services & Fees | Booking & Cancellation Policies | Payment Terms

Divorce Mediation Service Charges

  • Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) – £99.00 per person per hour plus VAT
  • MIAM Update Session (when couples are trying to reconcile after attending the MIAM only)- £99.00 per person per hour plus VAT
  • Joint Mediation Meeting is charged £150 per hour per person  plus VAT (usually scheduled for 90 minutes)
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (proposals/settlement reached in mediation) – £250.00 per person per hour plus VAT. Fixed fee is available depending on the complexity of the matter.
  • Preparation of parenting plan – £150.00 per person per hour plus VAT
  • FM1/Form A/Form C100 for court purposes – £42.00
  • Mediation meeting out of office hours Monday to Friday 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM & Weekends -please enquire

Payment Terms

Appointment fees are payable 2 full working days in advance to confirm the appointment. Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer (BACs payment.) Bank details will be emailed to you when you confirm your appointment.

Cancellation Fees

For the cancellation of sessions without charge, we require 7 full days’ notice.

For cancellation with less than 48 hours notice, 50% charge of the appointment fee/s charged.

For less than 24 hours & on the day cancellations, full fee/s charged.

Please note that for joint sessions this means the full fees for both clients. The client that has requested cancellation usually pays this.

Service Time

Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm

Weekends bookings available but higher charges apply.

Additional Charges

We do not routinely charge for telephone calls, letters or other administrative duties outside of meeting times. However, further fees may be charged if the mediator is required to do considerable work in addition to normal case preparation. This may include reading reports, extraordinary case preparation or consultation with other professionals outside of session times. Generally additional time will be charged by the hour at the same rate as the mediation session fee. However, we will inform and agree charges with you beforehand.

The Mediation Quality Mark Standard requires us to provide all our clients with information about the potential costs of proceeding to court rather than mediation. Since solicitors fees vary greatly, it is difficult to estimate. However, as a guide, to go to court on a contested matter you may expect to pay upwards of £10,000.00 per person, per matter. Therefore, if the issues included both children and finances the starting point would be nearer to £20,000.00 per person, accounting for the two separate legal matters.